it wasn't because i didn't know enough

i knew too much

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mxdic asked
"Please give me another chance!"
Sentence Starter: Angst Edition [mxdic]

      “Another chance? Is that really what you
      want to have said? Because trust me,
      Doctor, I am so ready to pretend not to
      have heard that.”

    “You don’t need a second chance,
     a’right? I know that — you know that.
     So just… Quit it, yeah? Because I’m
     going to give you one, whether you
     ask, or beg, or just waltz back in
     here with that obnoxious bloody
     swagger. I’m going to give you a
     second chance — always. So just…
     Shut up.”

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lastwomanoftime is… impossible.

        ”A'right, mate —,”


         ”Don’t suppose you
          could tell me where
          I am, could you?”

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nonbinarytentoo is… impossible.


   ”Are you… Sure 
    you’re alright?”

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casually promotes the hell out of my war doctor

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Sentence Starters {Intense Angst Edition}
"Do I really mean nothing to you?"
"I never meant to hurt you!"
"You are worth less than dirt to me."
"We could have been happy together..."
"I should've protected you!"
"Will you stay with me till I'm gone?"
"Don't leave me here, please!"
"It was my fault... it was all my fault!"
"I don't want to die-!"
"Please give me another chance!"
"It's okay... I wasn't meant to survive this."
"Please forgive me..."
"I'm dying and you can't stop it."
"You're dying and I can't stop it!"
"I only came to say goodbye."
"Stay with me!"
"I thought you loved me. I was wrong."
"I thought I loved you. I was wrong."
"Please don't hurt me!"
"I don't want to see you."
"I'm so sorry..."
"I'm ending it tonight. Don't try to stop me..."
"What did you do to yourself?"
"You can't just tell me to leave!"
"This wasn't meant to work out, you know."
"It's too hard. It's just too hard..."
"I was stupid to think you cared."
"You were stupid to think I cared."
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andochtuir is… impossible.

     ”Look, Doctor…”

     ”Ireally don’t think
      this is a good idea.”

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lead-pencilskirt is… impossible.

        ”A'right, mate —,”


         ”Don’t suppose you
          could tell me where
          I am, could you?”

remainingtimelord is… impossible.

      “Y'know, I hate to admit it…”

     ”But I kind of like the new face.”

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